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Welcome to the website of Balazs Garage. Our company is in the business of restoring vintage automobiles for ove four decades. We were the first ones that started the professional restoration of older Citroen vehicles. We have the highest level of expertise in rebuilding almost all older citroen models, for example the Citroen DS, Traction Avant, 2cv. In the last decade thanks to the quality of our work we have been recieving a large number of cars, not only from frnech manufacturers but various american, german, italian and other european vintage cars. We have a large network of contacts so there is no impossible if you need a classic automobile restored. We hope to welcome you as our customer.



The restoration of suspension elements is done using exact documentation of the manufacturer and todays high precision machinery. The aim is to achieve not only a visual similarity to the original state but to make the car as reliable as it was when rolled out of the factory.


The quality of the bodywork is probably the most important measure of the restoration work. We can only tell how well the work is done the under the surface shine if it stands the test of time. We document the whole restoriation process to ensure our customers of the highest quality work on all layers.

Interior restoration

Interior restauration: A great deal of interior restauration is searching for the original carpet materials or remade tissues. With decades of experience and huge amount of contacts we are able to acquire rare materials that match the originals. We also are able to remake the vanished wooden elements of interiors. We work with professional craftsmen to achieve the highest quality.

Drivetrain overhaul

As we have deacdes of experience as professional car mechanics, it is not a problem for us to solve any mechanical problems on old automobiles. We also have the knowledge and technologies that are not common any more in regular car workshops, but are indispensable when dealing with oldtimer cars.

Preparing vehicles for the FIVA exam.

Historic vehicles represent a significant contribution to our industrial heritage. The FIVA “Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens” identity card or (if such exists) the national oldtimer authentication / license plate offers a lot of practical advantages (taxes, licences to enter areas of many European cities where other older cars are not allowed to enter). To acquire the authentication the vehicle has to be the closest possible to its original state. We always work with the highest attention to originalyity, so the vehicles we restore will pass these exams easily.


Cím: 2030 Érd, Kárpitos u. 49.
György Balázs
tel.: +36-30-686-8122
Opening hours
M-F: 8-16

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